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Wakaleo Consulting CEO and Principal Consultant John Ferguson Smart is the founder and lead developer of Serenity BDD.
Wakaleo Consulting can provide both training and full enterprise support for your Serenity BDD test framework, including help with installation, configuration and usage guidelines, as well as feature requests and custom integration work. We offer yearly support contracts backed with a service level agreement.
Serenity BDD Online Training

Learn about our premium online training program that will cover advanced test automation with Serenity BDD as well as more general training about BDD requirements discovery practices.

Here are a few of the other courses we offer:

Effective Agile Requirements Workshop

This workshop covers practices that are essential for any modern software development team.

You will learn how to discover, prioritize and plan the features that really matter: those that will deliver real business value and that will make a difference to your organization.

You will practice writing effective user stories that are pitched at the appropriate level, and writing actionable acceptance criteria that will guide developers and provide valuable feedback and documentation on application features and project progress.

Automated Web Testing with WebDriver and Serenity

Today’s web applications are increasingly rich and sophisticated, and time-to-market pressure is ever increasing. Projects can no longer afford long manual testing cycles for each release. No modern web application project can hope to deliver reliably and rapidly without high quality automated web tests.

But traditional commercial tools based on record-replay or keyword-based strategies are not sufficient. These tools produce test scripts that require heavy and time-consuming maintenance each time the application changes, time that testers could be spending more productively on more advanced and high-value exploratory testing.
Mentoring and Support packages

Using Serenity within your organisation? Take a look at our Support Packages. And if you need a little help getting the most out of your Serenity BDD test suite, check out our flexible Serenity Dojo for Teams packages to help you ensure that your Serenity tests stay in good shape.

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